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How to create a non-profit petition website

· 3 minuten leestijd
Jaap Stronks

Do you want to create a petition website for your non-profit? That is usually a great idea, as petitions can help you create awareness for your cause and build a movement.

Eight requirements for an online petition

But not all systems for creating online petitions are created equal. Some requirements:

  1. You want to be able to collect email addresses to send updates and ask for donations. You want to increase user engagenent a movement, and being in control of user data is essential.
  2. You want to be able to download the collected email addresses manually, or integrate with a newsletter or CRM system so you can easily send followup messages.
  3. You want to position your non-profit as the issue owner on this topic. Your petition website should have your brand identity and should ideally run on a (sub-)domain of your organization.
  4. You need a dedicated petition system that offers a great user experience with a great design and layout, a petition counter and an email confirmation flow that checks for existing and unique email addresses.
  5. Your petition system should be fast and reliable. Processing form submissions requires server capacity, and you don't want your server to crash when many people are trying to sign up.
  6. The system should be secure. You are handling sensitive user data, after all.
  7. The petition system should be affordable. You should not have to pay thousands of dollars to a web developer or digital agency for a custom-built petition system.
  8. It should be easy and fast to set up: you want a turn-key system that takes hours (or even just minutes) to set up.

Meet Wings

Enter Wings, the turnkey website-as-a-service that meets all the above requirements. Wings is a website platform for non-profits that requires no custom development.

Wings has been used by progressive political parties, labour unions and charity organizations from 5 European countries.

Wings lets you tell beautiful stories and create a movement with petitions, signups, events and fundraisers. Features include:

  • The theming system allows you to match the visual identity of your organization – see Case studies for some great-looking examples
  • Add custom fields to the petition form
  • Download supporters as a CSV file or integrate with any third-party CRM or newsletter system
  • Pricing starts at $ 29 per month – see our Pricing page for more information

Curious? Get a free demo account!