Here’s to the future of progressive digital campaigns.

The campaign tech world of tomorrow isn’t a monolith all-in-one toolkit, but a thriving ecosystem of best-of-breed SaaS platforms. Our contribution: Wings: a headless CMS service with a lightning-fast frontend. Turn-key, CRM-agnostic, integrations-ready.

Something was missing in the world of non-profit campaign tech: a turnkey platform for beautiful, advanced campaign websites, that is developer-friendly and allows for fully customizable frontends. That’s why we – Bolster – built Wings, a superior alternative to traditional CMSs and inflexible landing page builders.

After a series of succesful campaigns for green political parties and labour unions in Europe, we are gradually expanding access to Wings for select partners in 2020. Do you think Wings might be a fit for your progressive organization? Get on the list, check out the demo environment or contact Bolster if you want to reach out to discuss a collaboration.



The best platform to raise funds and supporters.

You need a powerful, well-designed yet easy to use and affordable platform that lets you tell stories, get signups, organize petitions and raise funds. And you need to integrate it with Mailchimp, The Action Network or just export a CSV list of supporters.

Lightning fast and indestructible.

No more stressing out about server load on election day. Wings is designed from the ground up to be impervious to spikes in website traffic. You can rest assured all pages will load instantly, as they should – because every millisecond matters.

Turnkey, yet customizable.

Don’t spend your budget on solved problems. Wings has a great design out of the box for stories, pages, and campaigns – and it gets continuously improved. But if you want a more specific design or even entirely custom functionalities: that is possible too.

Battle-tested and ready to go.

Wings was developed by the Dutch boutique agency Bolster, who are digital campaigning veterans with experience in every major Dutch election in the past decade. It has been used in regional, national and European campaigns in 2018 and 2019 for progressive political parties and labor unions. Now, it’s being rolled out in the UK, Belgium, Germany and elsewhere.

Beautiful stories
Images and multimedia
Email confirmation
Event signups
Smart SEO settings
Lightning fast
GDPR compliant
Mailchimp integration
Stripe integration
iDeal support
GatsbyJS frontend
User-friendly CMS
Multimedia support

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Why progressive organizations need a progressive platform

In 2018 and 2019, Wings was battle-tested in various green & progressive campaigns. Now, it’s time to level up.


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