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Wings Coalitions allows non-profits to share a campaign and a Wings CMS project, while still having separate websites with individually branded front-ends. As petition signers can optionally subscribe to the newsletter of the coalition partner whose landing page they are visiting, partners are better incentivized to put their weight behind the campaign.

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Team work done right.

Wings's headless CMS service allows for smart configurations that lets you connect multiple, differently-themed websites to the same project in your CMS which contains your content and campaigns.

Shared CMS Project

Manage content and campaigns for all front-ends in a single Wings project.

Multiple web applications

Give each partner its own frontend on a custom domain.

Data sharing

Let Wings send submitted user data to email & crm systems of respective partners.

Add a website in one click.

Easy. Adding another website with a custom domain and navigation menu is done with a couple of clicks.

Customizable. Give each front-end app its own theme and add custom scripts. Check out and for examples.

Wings admin dashboard showing multiple apps

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Partner up with likeminded non-profits using a shared digital infrastructure and create progressive change.

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