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Wings, by Bolster.

Wings is a website service which is developed and maintained by a company called Bolster. Bolster was a Dutch digital agency for progressive organizations, focusing on topics such as social equality, economic justice, and the fight against climate change. Since 2021, Bolster has focused 100% on Wings – that's why the domain now points to πŸ‘‹

Wings and Bolster were founded & are led by Jaap Stronks (@jaapstronks). Wings started out as a headless CMS service, allowing us to create modern bespoke campaign websites for our clients, mostly Green & social democrat political campaign websites as well as digital platforms for labour unions.

As Wings evolved, it steadily gained features; with the addition of a built-in front-end service, it became a full-fledged website-as-a-service in 2020. Wings is developed in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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