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Want to see Wings in action? Go ahead and take a look.

Wings is used by political parties, labour unions, advocacy groups and more.


Republiek – formerly known as Republikeins Genootschap – is a Dutch advocacy group that wants The Netherlands to abolish the monarchy and to become a republic.

Extinction Rebellion

A coalition campaign led by Extinction Rebellion to launch a citizen council for climate & environmental issues.

SPD Niedersachsen

This is a campaign website for the German social-democrats of Niedersachsen.

Controle Alt Delete

Controle Alt Delete, a nonprofit that fights back against excessive police violence and ethnic profiling, uses Wings for their main website as well as for petition campaigns.


The Belgian Young Socialists use Wings to power their main website as well as local chapter websites.

Frisse Wind

Frisse Wind is a brave citizen action committee that uses Wings to raise close to € 60,000 euros to fund their lawsuit against Tata Steel corporation and its toxic emissions.

Next Blue

Next Blue is a storytelling platform about water.

SP voor Rood

This is a fundraising campaign for the socialist youth organization ROOD.

Open over Abortus

A campaign website by the Dutch Humanist Society which aims to break the silence around abortion.

Stop Belastingparadijs NL

A coalition campaign that aims to stop The Netherlands from serving as a tax haven for multinationals.


The Dutch leftist party BIJ1 uses Wings to power its local chapter website.

Probeer de Bond

A campaign website by labour union CNV to get more young people to join a union.

Want to know more?

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