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Pre-launch checklist

So, you think you are ready to launch your website? Here is a checklist of things you may want to do and verify.


This page is a stub, a first draft of a page that will eventually be expanded.

  • Make sure that your most important pages have a good SEO & social media preview image set. See this documentation page.
  • Before going live with your first campaign, make sure you have submitted the campaign form yourself and you have made sure that the entire 'flow' works (you can submit the form, you receive a correct confirmation email with a confirmation link). Check the settings for email confirmations.
  • Once the most important pages are configured including SEO & social media settings, copy the url of every page (such as the frontpage, but also a campaign page such as. and paste it into Twitter Card validator. You may have to click 'Preview card' twice to get the result to come up. This gives you a preview of what the Twitter Card will look like when it is shared on Twitter. Note: even if you will publish the link on Twitter with a manually uploaded image or video (so the Twitter Card will not show up), other people who sign & share the campaign will link to the page where Twitter will show the card, so it is still important to optimize how the card looks when it is being shared.
  • Do the same with Facebook url debugger. Especially here, you may need to click 'debug' or 'fetch new info' to make sure Facebook scrapes the correct information from your website.
  • Delete or 'unpublish' any page, campaign or article that should not be accessible to the public.
  • Check if you need to install an analytics script. See the documentation on custom scripts.