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SEO and social media

At the Platforms tab, you can configure settings for search engines and social media.

If you click the 'Platforms' tab, you can configure the following:

  • Featured: the title, description and image that is displayed when using the 'nodes' or 'campaign' card. These settings are also used for search engines and social media, unless you configure these separately:
  • Search Engines: set a title and description to override what you have configured on the 'Featured' tab.
  • Facebook: set a title, description and meta image for Facebook and other social media platforms, which are used to display a 'card' when any user shares a link to the page you are editing on social media. The Facebook settings are also used for Twitter and WhatsApp, unless you configure those separately
  • Twitter: enter details here if you want to use a different title, description and image than you have configured for Facebook.
  • WhatsApp: configure a default share message.