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All the features you need. None of the ones you don't.

Wings is designed from the ground up to build a non-profit website and run progressive campaigns. Here is an overview of features.


Create petition campaigns with custom fields, a configurable counter and email confirmations.


Launch powerful fundraiser campaigns and process donations with Stripe or Mollie.

Event campaigns

Launch event campaigns and save user data of people who sign up to attend.


Publish email signup forms on standalone landing pages or insert signup campaigns into any article or page.

Pages & Articles

beautiful pages and compelling stories with Wings.

Advanced Editor

Use our user-friendly card-based editor to create beautiful content.

Confirmation emails

Configure personalized confirmation emails with a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.


Easily configure colors, typography, link styles and more with the Theme editor, and even create multiple themes.


Wings supports multiple languages, including a language switcher for pages that have mulitple locales.

Custom fields

Add custom text or checkbox fields to your campaign forms to collect valuable user info and build a movement.

Custom scripts

Insert any script you want into the header or body of your website and easily add an analytics script, tag manager or cookie wall to your website.

Powerful Analytics

You can also simply use the powerful Wings Analytics system, which uses the open-source privacy-friendly Matomo service.

Custom domains

You are in control: add any domain you want, and we handle the rest. Your domain is automatically routed, configured and equipped with a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate.


Use our webhooks service to send updates and form submissions to any third party-service, including Mailchimp, Nationbuilder, The Action Network and many others.

Media Uploader

Upload images to your Wings media library, add alt tags and captions, and insert them in various layout types into your pages.

CSV Downloads

Wings campaigns let you download a CSV file with your user data, allowing you to decide how to use that data with your preferred CRM or email application.

Want to know more?

Just take Wings for a spin. Send us a message and we will set you up with a demo account in no time, free of charge.